I am From. I am For.

This is a difficult time.



And it matters that we know who we are, where we are from, and what we are for.

And we are inviting the whole congregation to reflect on where you all are from and what you all are for. Here is some of what I wrote…

I am from apples fresh picked from the tree on a crisp fall day.

I am from my father’s un-ironic, large medallion worn so often over a white, ribbed, too small turtle neck.

I am from my mother’s daisy colored wedding dress with me very present as a large belly underneath it, and her doctoral robe bulging with that same belly, PhD in hand just weeks before.

I am from the haze of the smoky mountains and from


fog pouring down San Francisco streets.

I am from the faith my beloved had in me, and the actions I take to earn that faith day after day.

I am from naked ocean wave running as a toddler with adults in parkas looking on from the shore.

I am from those first moments holding each of my children, singing to them their first song, their first blessing.

And so on.

You list these moments which shaped you, these moments which forged you.

And then you list what you are for.


And I am for the opening eye and the widening heart.

I am for the true self emerging from the haze of habitual living.

I am for waking before dawn with time stretched out before me and fish waking up in the waters.

I am for my sweet children, for the people they are and the people they are becoming.

I am for institutional transformation and maturation, for churches realizing who they are and what they are for.

I am for the people united in vision and purpose.


I am for hard work and hard play, for sand castl


es built with incoming tides and the surprise of the first big waves coming in.

I am for this moment.



And this morning.

And all that yet may be.

So please feel free to write your own sets of “I am from, I am for.” You can send them in to the office written out, or email them to Lauren and I. We will be sharing them out, reminding us of who we all are, reminding us all of what we are for.

So much love to you all,



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