So, there’s this soup….

So there’s this soup.

It’s the soup in the picture below and it is amazing for a number of reasons.


The first reason is that it is hot outside and this is a cold soup and as such, thinking about this soup and writing about this soup I feel like will possibly be a cooling experience for me.

You see, it is a gazpacho. But unlike many gazpachos which are all blended into a big mess of flavor (sometimes delicious, yes, but I have always sensed something of unmet potential, of almost-ness in most gazpachos.)

And this is the genius of this soup. It comes in two parts. The puree comes in a little urn and in the bowl is a mix of delicious bits. This particular day’s blend had cucumbers, radishes, cherry tomatoes and peaches, all arranged over some very creamy goat cheese.

And you pour the mixed soup into your bowl and the soup mingles wit


h the large ingredients and every bite is something different and special. Flavors burst in the mouth, held in the larger mix of the soup. It was a singular joy, this soup. And infinitely re-creatable. Please do make it and let me know.

But even this is not the most amazing thing about this soup. (“Surely not!” I am sure you say to your screen, “Surely yes!” I say back.)

By far the most amazing thing about this soup is that it lingers in my mind and heart as a testament to love. This soup stands like a fencepost in time, reaching out to me, reminding me of my beloved.


You see, we had this soup on our tenth anniversary trip last year. We had this soup in the midst of a few days of uninterrupted time with just each other. We had this soup in the midst of some of the sweetest and most beautiful love that we have shared.

And I mention this to you now to say, as these summer weeks stretch out ahead of us, as you make your plans and crunch the competing needs of family and friends and craft complicated travel plans, make a point to seek out some love soup.

If you love and are beloved of someone, let them know. Go the extra mile. If you are stuck in some petulant, ridiculous argument, assume you are wrong, let it go and make some delicious gazpacho separated in an urn with a bowl full of delicious accent adventure flavors.


Know that this life is brief, that these might be the best days you have left and live them and love them well. Sometimes life is such a crush that we take for granted the beloved before us.

And quite beyond romantic love, think of those most precious to your heart. Your friends, family, those whose heart you carry. Think of them bless them in this same way. Think of what kinds of sweetness and joy you can bring to those you love and do it. Bring that sweetness, bring that love.


And if you are running low on ideas, I can give you the address of the restaurant in which the magic love soup is made. It’s a bit of a trek, but well worth it.

So much love to you all and happy summer,



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