October 1st Nuusflash


Around this time of year, I always get a little verklemped when I look out at you. In particular there is this moment, which comes as we begin the Annual Budget Campaign, and some group of folks have gathered and I look out at you and I am amazed at how much of your time and energy and passion you pour into South Church.
And so it was that Lauren and I were gathered with a group of folks just last Friday night to celebrate this full and thriving moment in the long life of the church. We gathered to celebrate the momentum and energy which is surrounding the current building projects. We gathered to look back on these first five years of our time together, this time with Lauren and I serving as your ministers.
And as I reflect on these years, I am struck by two things.
The first is all of you. I am amazed by your creativity and commitment, by your deep love and your contagious generosity.
So much of our role as your ministers these last many years has been to get out of the way of your good ideas, to support and nurture your passions and your enthusiasms, to cherish you all and help you connect to the other amazing people we have at South Church. This has been such a joy.
I think of this huge gift we are about to receive, this concert and experience coming up soon, the “For the Birds” on Saturday October 15th at 7:30.
This is the brain and heart and soul child of Kimberly Green. It is a fundraiser for the capital campaign. She has helped gather a wonderful mix of performers, writers and musicians, so many creative people all pouring themselves into what impartial witnesses have said is a truly beautiful experience.
Please do come. You can buy tickets at River Run or at the church office or through the website here, http://www.southchurch-uu.org/spotlight-2/
And what I love about this is this is just one example of the many ways that you all step up and dive in and make South Church the wonderful community it is. I am so grateful.
And secondly, I am amazed by my sweet lady, your other minister. In these last five years I have seen her step into the fullness of her selfhood and her ministry. I have seen her grow and deepen, and it has been a beautiful thing to behold.
She cares for you all so deeply. She pours her whole self into her writing and preaching, into the details of worship, into her loving support of you all.
I am inspired by her. I am taught by her. And I am so excited to see this next phase of her ministry unfurl its wings. I am excited to see what comes next.
So thank you. Thank you for your passion and your commitment. Thank you for your inspired ideas and your firm follow through. Thank you for all you make possible.
And thank you for this precious opportunity for both Lauren and I to pour the very best of ourselves into this ministry here with you.
So much love to you all,

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