August 15th, 2016 Nuusflash


It’s simple really.

Like so many things, so simple and so hard sometimes to do.

When we meet with our staff as an entire team we talk about “big rocks.” These are things that are important, which demand our attention and care, things which we need to think about together as a team.

(This is especially sweet as right now there are thousands of pounds of big rocks on the porch of the church)

But the idea is that if you are filling a container, you have limited space, and if you start filling the container with little things first, by the time you try to put the big rocks in, there is no space.

This is why you start with the big rocks, allow them to take the time and space they need and then fill in with the smaller rocks.

And I thought of it recently as I looked at our calendar, looking at the remaining weeks of summer before our boys start back to school. There is so much swirling around, so much possible, but instead of looking at it all at once, we took the big rocks.

We abated to get the boys to their grandparents. We wanted to bring everyone out to Star. We wanted to go camping again.

And with those in place we fill in with all the other things.

And now with the big rocks in place, we can savor these remaining days. Beaches and rivers, fairs and museums, water fights and watermelons, all the adventures which await.

So in this time which remains, be it the last few weeks of summer or your last years on earth, know what are your big rocks, and treat them accordingly.

So much love to you all,



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